Day Recalls is a limited edition (250) artist’s book. It is a collaboration between Judith Barbour Osborne, artist, and Jena Osman, poet, designed to stimulate its viewers to explore their own memory. Each book is a portfolio consisting of ten individual sheets (9x10-1/2”) of artwork and text printed on translucent vellum; a cover portfolio of hand-made paper created at Dieu Donne Papermill, NYC; and a 6-page colophon with an introduction by James Rosen, artist, which contains a description of the creative process. A limited number of portfolios are available as a Special Edition, each containing a one-of-a kind signed original by Osborne.

"This is a gorgeous book!"
Eric L. Pumroy, Director of Library Collections, Bryn Mawr College


Copyright © 2007 Judith B. Osborne. All rights reserved.